ChartLogic Referral Program

Do you know of a practice that would benefit from using ChartLogic's EMR/PM software and/or Medical Billing Services? Well now you can get rewarded for sharing that practice with us!

Individual Rewards:

October Only

  • If lead completes a demo: $50 Gift Card
  • If lead signs a ChartLogic order: $200 Gift Card

Practice Rewards:

  • If lead completes a demo: $200 Credit
  • If lead signs a ChartLogic order: $1,000 Credit

Other Rewards:

  • For any completed reference call: $50 Credit
  • For hosting any onsite visit for a lead: $250 Credit

How it Works

If you provide us a referral that completes a demo with a ChartLogic Sales Rep, you will be sent a $50 gift card and credited $200 for that single lead. If that same lead signs a ChartLogic Sales Order, your will be sent an additional $200 gift card and your practice will be credited $1,000, bringing your total credit to $1,200 for a complete order.

If the referral lead signs a Sales Order, you will be credited 50% upon signature and 50% after the Activation Date. To view full terms, click here.

Fill out the form to submit a referral lead. All Form Fields must be for the referral practice, not your own.

Please include your information: Practice Name, Your Name, CL Customer ID (if known)


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